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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The story of the of Chips

The story of the emergence of Chips chips, which young and young people love, came back one day from 1853 when the Mexican Cornelius Valderbelt went to the Saratoga Springs restaurant in New York City to eat his favorite French fries. George Crom, the chef's chef, But Vanderbilt grumbled when he found it very thick. He asked George to cut it thinner than usual, which angered George and made him decide to cut it into strips of paper thickness to irritate the customer. The oil and its taste was impressed by its fragile taste, and it was called "sliced ​​s And became the favorite dish for all restaurant customers.

Not only did these popular chips spread outside the restaurant in 1920 or when Scuder produced and packaged these chips in tarpaulins that were commercially popular throughout America, gaining more popularity in 1926 or establishing " Hermann Lai "a large restaurant to produce and introduced many flavors, which boosted its popularity.

The British people did not know these chips until 1913 or after Sir Carter tasted it during one of his trips to Arica. I decided to set up a plant for production in Britain. It was the same popularity and success that I had in America. Carter became one of the biggest potato chip manufacturers in Britain One of his workers, Frank Simeth, decided to leave Carter and set up his own factory to produce chip chips bearing his name. He was already successful. A few years later, Chips in Britain for many years.

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