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Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Cook KFC fried chicken

It is a quick meal of fried chicken from the outside, soft and tasty inside, which has an unmatched taste. Despite the reputation of kantaki, the meals are not at a high price They are accessible to the middle class and can be taken once a week, but they may be less expensive if they are present at home. This meal is easy to prepare even for those who do not master regular cooking. They have a specific method of preparation.

The ingredients:

• Chicken cut into ten pieces.
• Two large sauces of warm red sauce.
• A cup of milk or milk as desired.
• frying oil.
• Small cup mashed garlic.
• Three tablespoons of chicken spice.
• Spoon grilled broth.
• A tablespoon of vinegar.
• The lemon is pure.
• Salt spray.
• Black Pepper.

The ingredients:

Method 1

• Bake the chicken after washing it well, add all spices, you can control the amount of spices as desired.
• Prepare the convection bag, place the chicken in the bag.
• Pour the chicken into the oven for an hour on low heat.
• After you ripen leave it a little in the bag, until you get the crisp and soft texture from the inside.

Method 2

• Bring in additional ingredients: four eggs, and three cups of bread.
• Cook the chicken for only five minutes, until the meat is tender, then remove it from the broth, place it in the refrigerator until it cools quickly. Pour the chicken with the former seasoning mixture, then place in the refrigerator for three hours.
• Remove the chicken, sprinkle four eggs in a dish, and knead the crisps in another dish.
• Put the chicken in the egg, then in the quiche plate, and repeat the ball twice on all parts of the chicken.
• Then leave it a little until it gets stenciled, and the crumbs clasp the inside.
• Then heat the oil to fry, and the oil should cover the whole quantity, then put the chicken in the oil, and leave it until it gets the required scarlet, and the golden color wonderful from the outside.

Twister Sandwich from Kentucky

The ingredients:

• Four pieces of chicken breasts.
• Four large slices of tortilla bread.
• Two tomatoes, cut into small cubes.
• Leaves of lettuce, sliced ​​into strips.


• A cup of flour.
• Teaspoon salt.
• Teaspoon black pepper.
• Spoon Paprika.
• Teaspoon onion powder.
• Teaspoon garlic powder.
• one small spoon of dry basil.
• Spoon Orignano.
• Two eggs.
• Half a cup of liquid milk.
The sauce:
• Three tablespoons mayonnaise.
• 1/2 teaspoon black pepper.
• One quarter teaspoon tapasco sauce.

The ingredients:

• Mix all flour and dried spices together.
• In another bowl, put the eggs and mix with the milk.
• In a third bowl, pour the mayonnaise sauce mixed all the ingredients well.
• Cover the chicken in the flour mixture first, then dip in the egg mixture and then again until the dough is well covered.
• Heat the oil on a strong fire and sauté the chicken pieces until they ripen and turn golden, then lift them out of the pan and remove them from excess oil.
• Start blending the sandwiches. Remove each loaf of the mayonnaise, then put the tomato cubes, chicken pieces and sandwiches on the grill for a few minutes, then check them and put the lettuce inside.

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