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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Meatballs with lemon

Despite the popularity of Italian cuisine with recipes of pasta and delicious and different pizza, it has many other delicious recipes, especially meat, including the recipe of meatballs "kofta" lemon sauce.

The meatballs with lemon sauce are delicious recipes served on the Italian table as a secondary dish, and an easy, quick and easy to digest recipe for a delicious dinner, enjoyed by young people and adults.

The ingredients:

400 grams of minced beef
-an egg
- A spoonful of crushed crust
- Parmesan cheese with grated cheese
- A little chopped parsley
- Peel 2 lemon fruit
- Half cup flour
-Clove garlic
- Juice 2 lemon fruit
-150 mg water
-20 g butter

How to prepare:

1. In a deep bowl, place minced meat, squash, grated cheese, lemon peel, egg, salt, parsley, and mix all ingredients well.
2. The mixture is shaped like circular balls of similar size.
3 - In a flat plate, place the flour and pass the meatballs until it wraps well.
4 - melt the butter on the fire in a pan with a garlic clove, then add meatballs and heat on low heat, then remove the garlic.
5. To prepare the lemon sauce, put the water and lemon juice in a small dish and stir well. Once the meatballs are red, add the mixture before it.
6 - leave the meatballs on fire for 15 minutes until the sauce is thick, and then sprinkled by the holy and offered hot.

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