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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The spaghetti of the bird's nest

Macaroni nest components:

Spaghetti Spaghetti - Tray

Salt - according to desire

Vegetable oil - as needed

Crispy cheese or grated mozzarella - as desired

Green pepper - as needed

Mushroom - as needed

Atom - as needed

Olive - as needed

Ingredients of the Sauce:
Vegetable oil - small feather

Tomato paste - 4 tbsp

Red pepper powder - half a teaspoon

Salt - Brush

Black pepper - as desired

Hill smooth - half a teaspoon

Oregano - half a teaspoon

Paprika - half a teaspoon

Water - 3 tbsp

How to prepare pasta nest bird:
To prepare the sauce: Mixed all the ingredients together.
2 - to make pasta with salted water and vegetable oil workshop without being broken in half.
3 - Classify and wash in cold water.
4. Place a small oven tray with a little vegetable oil.
5. In the pasta inside the Chinese to get a large nest shape.
6 - Pour the sauce inside the nest and add green pepper, olive, corn and mushrooms.
7 - sprinkle on the face cheese Kashkwan or mozzarella.
8. Heat the oven from the top and bottom.
9 - enter into the oven from 5 to 7 minutes and then face red and healthy here.

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